Monday September 29 and Tuesday September 30
Complete the vocabulary template for each of the five vocabulary words you selected from Roald Dahl's short story The Landlady.
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Class work
In class we shared our Scaries Movie interviews and then read Roal Dahl's short story The Landlady.  As we read, students were required to annotate. Here is what they were required to look for:
  • 5 vocabulary words - choose any five words from the story that are difficult for you.  If you feel like you know all of the words, then choose the five words that you feel are most important in the story.
  • 3 similes
  • 5 examples of foreshadowing.  As you read there are many clues about what might happen in the story.  Mark these passages.
  • Central Conflict
  • Climax
  • Protagonist
  • Antagonist
  • Evidence of Theme

Additionally, students can make annotations for any passages that remind them of something in their own life or other stories they may have read. Students should also write down any questions they have, and make a note of any passage that need clarifying.

It's important for students to  WRITE DOWN THE PAGE NUMBER AND THE PARAGRAPH NUMBER FOR EACH ANNOTATION.  For example.  If you find a simile in the first paragraph of the story, copy down the simile on either a sticky note or a piece of paper and then write (171, 1).  171 stands for the page number and 1 stands for the paragraph.  This way, students can always go write back to the story and easily find the passage.  Students should bring their annotations to school on Wednesday.  

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