English 9 - Finish the rewrite of your summary.  All students must rewrite their summary and follow MLA style.

English 10 - Rewrite the summary you completed in class.  Follow MLA style.  Next, write a second summary on the second of the 3 websites you reviewed.  Bring a hardcopy of both summaries to class.
English 9 - We began class by crowning Sky as the champion of our first Olympic Games competition - the sprint.  We then took notes on the academic term Summary.  Students then worked with a partner to write a summary of one of the websites they reviewed yesterday.  Next, students traded their summaries with members from a different group and provided peer feedback.  Once the feedback was given, students rewrote their summary based on the feedback.

English 10 - Class began with some hilarious jokes.  We then began our academic vocabulary notes and started with the word summary.  After the notes, students worked with their partner from yesterday to write a summary of one of the websites they reviewed.  Students then traded papers with another peer group and provided feedback on the summaries.  Students then had time to rewrite their summary following MLA style and incorporating the feedback from their peers into the content.  Additionally, we did take a break and listen to the music of Nigerian musician Fela Kuti.
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